COVID-19  "Funeral procedures "

COVID-19  "Funeral procedures "

In accordance with guidelines from the CDC, State of Illinois, Illinois Funeral Directors Association and National Funeral Directors Association:


  • When our funeral home is notified that a death has occurred and has been requested to transfer your loved one from the place of death to Vandenberg Funeral Home our directors will treat all places of death and persons present as potentially infectious.  
  • Prior to our arrival; we may ask medical questions about the deceased and the health of family members any other individuals present.  
  • Upon our arrival we will use universal precautions. 
  • Directors may be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (aka. “PPE”)  
  • Removal staff may apply a topical disinfectant to the mouth and nose of the decedent prior to transfer of your loved one to our funeral home.


  • Vandenberg funeral home directors have the capabilities to arrange a funeral via a series of electronic formats. 
  •  Our Funeral Directors will be arranging funerals via the phone, email, Zoom, or FaceTime. 


  • Visitations are open to the public unless stipulated by the family as being private. 
  • According to the states mitigation plan we can allow fifty (50) people inside the funeral home at one time. If the directors feel that we have reached a maximum, they will request people to wait outside until room opens up inside the funeral home. 
  • Social distancing will be required and monitored during the duration of the services.  Adequate spacing between seating will also be required. 
  • Pre-registration is not required at this time 
  • Anyone who is ill (cold like symptoms)  should not attend in person services. 
  • We discourage those susceptible to illness to not attend  "in person" services. We encourage  participation via virtual resources when available. 
  • If attending "in person" services; we request that you pay your respects and promptly vacate the facility allowing for other attendees an opportunity to also pay respects. 
  • For the services that offer Zoom virtual ceremonies; the family will be the only party to issue the passcode. The funeral home will NOT offer passwords to inquirers. 
  • Family lounge and break room will be closed in effort to mitigate crowd gathering. 
  • We will continue to maintain an extremely clean and sanitized environment at the funeral home and urge everyone who visits to use hand sanitizer up entry and exit and to continually wash their hands.   

We understand that this time is not easy to understand or embrace. However we believe that following these guidelines are essential to do our part in ending this world pandemic. Thank you for your understanding 

CDC Guidelines for funerals during pandemic 

  • December 18, 2020 

     Updated Preventive Actions for Funerals, Visitations, and Memorials 

    This guidance provides updated recommendations for funeral directors, community and religious leaders, and others who will arrange, conduct, or attend funerals, visitations, and memorials (services) during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Illinois, people have become ill with COVID-19 after attending services. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 at services, there must be strict adherence to preventive measures, such as ensuring that people who should be in isolation or quarantine do not attend in-person services (including family members of the deceased person), limiting the size of the gathering, practicing social distancing (spacing participants six (6) feet apart), and wearing masks throughout the service. 

    Recommendations for holding services during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

    • Recommended: Virtual-only services and gatherings.
    • For in-person services: Outdoor, graveside services and gatherings are recommended. Participants must remain spaced at least six (6) feet apart, wear masks, and not share objects.

    The higher the level of community transmission in an area, the higher the risk of spreading COVID-19. The size of services should be determined by the metrics in the region1 in which they will take place. The guidelines for each region are subject to change. During Tier 3 mitigation, in-person services are limited to no more than 10 loved ones of the deceased person. This limit does not include funeral home or facility staff, cemetery staff, clergy, or