Grief Support Resources

Rudy Vandenberg - Emotional Support and Certified Grief Therapy Buddy

Grief Support Resources

Hi I'm Rudy!    I'm a #goldendoodle . I was born in August 2020 at Pride and Prejudoodle and adopted by the Vandenberg family in January 2021. I was trained in a healthy, family-friendly environment by a certified AKC trainer.  

Study after study has shown that animals – especially dogs – have a positive impact on not only your mind and emotions, but also your physical health.  Rudy is a hypoallergenic #goldendoodle who will provide loving and friendly support to those attending our Funeral Homes.

Rudy has become a wonderful addition to our funeral home and has ministered to many people. Rudy is available at all our visitations and funerals. He is available upon request , so ask our staff about Rudy being part of your family service. 

Follow Rudy and his adventures @ or follow him on Instagram @Rudytherapysupport